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eCarTec不仅是博览会 更是电能动力信息平台

1. Please introduce the background of the creation of eCarTec. What is your purpose of oraganizing the eCarTec? What are your objectives for the future of eCarTec


? How do you make eCarTec as the world leading trade fair? If there are any and what actually the supports from the German government to eCarTec?

Individual transport is facing its biggest change for decades. Politics and industry are investing hundreds of millions of euros in the development of electric cars and batteries. The electric car is currently experiencing a renaissance at all levels. Political figures, developers, industry and consumers see electrically-powered vehicles as a solution to make individual mobility climate-friendly and resource - conserving. This is why it was very obvious to organise a trade fair which deals solely with the theme of electric mobility. Within two years we have managed to become the central European trade fair platform for electric mobility. Political figures have supported us on all levels with their patronage here: at the town level we are backed by Hep Monatzeder (Mayor of Munich), at the Bavarian state level we are supported by Martin Zeil (Bavarian State Minister for Economics, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology), at the national level we have the pleasing support of Dr. Peter Ramsauer (Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development) and at the European level this is from Dr. Angelika Niebler (Member of the European Parliament).

几十年来,个人交通方式发生了巨大的变化。政府和企业对电动车和蓄电池的发展投资了数亿欧元。电动车行业正在经历全方位的复兴。政治家、研发者、企业家和消费者都将电能动力车辆视为个人移动环境友好化和资源节约化的解决方案。这就是为什么我们要举办这样一个专门针对电能动力领域的贸易博览会。仅用两年时间,我们就已经成为电能动力领域在欧洲的核心展示平台。政治家已经用实际行动为我们提供了全面的支持,比如慕尼黑市长Hep Monatzeder先生、巴伐利亚州经济、基础建设、交通和技术部长Martin Zeil先生、德意志联邦交通、建设和城市发展部长Peter Ramsauer先生,以及欧洲议会议员 Angelika Niebler先生。

2. Having successfully organized eCarTec twice since 2009, we believe the image of eCarTecs been primarily created in the world EV industry. Pls briefly introduce the status of the past events, ie. the show feature, exhibitor profiles, number of exhibitors, number of visitors, regions and countries, etc. And what do you feel most to have achieved from the last two years?

In 2010 we had a total of 388 exhibitors from 25 countries (2009: 195 exhibitors from 12 countries) as well as 12,317 visitors (2009: 10,624). The visitors come from the automotive (50.9%), supply and engineering (16.6%), energy and infrastructure (16.5%) and electronics (11.1%) sectors and from other application sectors (4.9%). We are particularly proud of the more than 100% increase in the number of exhibitors from 2009 to 2010. For 2011 we can expect a similar increase in exhibitors.

2010年,我们迎接了来自全球25个国家的388家参展商(2009年,有来自12个国家的195家参展商),以及12317名观众(2009年10624名观众)。观众来自汽车制造(50.9%)、供应与工程(16.6%)、能源与基础设施(16.5%)、电子元件(11.1%)以及其他应用领域(4.9%)。 2010年的参展商数量相比2009年翻了一番,这样的成绩让我们倍感自豪。我们预计2011年参展商数量会同样取得惊人的增长。

3. Pls briefly introduce which detailed activities that you have been implementing in promoting and planning the fair?

We are stategically looking for partners from all areas of electric mobility. This is done via market multiples such as associations, e.g. the ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronics Industry Association), BSM (German Solar Mobility Association) or the BEM (German E-Mobility Association). But strategic partnerships with specialist media and daily newspapers are also part of our integrated PR concept.


4. How do you recognize that eCarTec plays an important role in the development EV industry? How eCarTec plays this role?

The importance of a trade fair can best be seen by the growing number of exhibitors. From 2009 to 2010 we were already able to achieve a 100% increase in the number of exhibitors. In 2011 we are also expecting a clear rise again. Industry leaders, suppliers and scientific institutions the range of exhibitors at eCarTec covers all areas.


5. Nowadays, many sorts of EV shows and conferences are held worldwide, but some are not very good effectively. Comparing to other EV fairs in the world, can you remark the roles and advantages of eCarTec?

eCarTec is not only a trade fair, it is also a complete information platform for electric mobility. This means that there are not only electric cars to see here, you can also see everything connected with technology, electronics, infrastructure, energy, repairs, drive engineering, motor technology and finances. With the 1.5-day conference running at the same time which we are organising in cooperation with Bayern Innovativ, the eCarTec Award (Bavarian State Prize for Electric Mobility) and our own test track where the trade fair visitors can experience electric mobility at first hand we cover all aspects of electric mobility. This holistic principle clearly distinguishes us from other events of this kind.

eCarTec不仅仅是贸易博览会,更是电能动力领域的信息平台。这意味着在eCarTec展会上,您不仅可以看到电动车,还能看到与技术、电控系统、基础结构、能源、维修、驱动工程、发动机技术和金融有关的各种展品。展会期间,除了博览会本身,我们还与Bayern Innovativ(拜仁创新有限公司)携手举办为期一天半的会议,颁发eCarTec大奖,并让观众在我们自有的测试车道上体验电能动力车,这些活动将使我们的博览会成为一场涵盖电动车所有领域的盛会。由于始终坚持举办综合性博览会的原则,我们的博览会明显区别于该领域的其它展会。

6. What is the main shining point for the 3rd eCarTec, compares to the last two years? What are expected mostly?

The main difference is in the size of the events. While at the premiere in 2009 we occupied only one exhibition hall with eCarTec, in 2010 we could already double the exhibition area. For 2011 we are planning to use three eCarTec halls and a corresponding outside test site for electric vehicles. There will also be a clear increase in the percentage of exhibitors coming from abroad.


7. If we compare eCarTec and EVS, what is the main difference? If you could and how to improve eCarTec from learning the experience of EVS?

EVS has clearly shown its importance for the Chinese market. The main difference between eCarTec and EVS is in the internationality of the exhibitors: while EVS concentrates mainly on the Chinese market, eCarTec has a somewhat more international focus.


8. Pls introduce the situation of promoting Electrical Vehicles by German government. Which favorable policies the German Government will make for the public purchase of electric vehicles? Any subsidiaries? In regard to privately use for electric vehicle, are there any preferential policies? What in details has been operated by the German government?

The goal of the Federal Government is clearly formulated: Germany has to become the leading market in Europe for electric mobility and by 2020 there have to be at least a million electric cars on German roads. More than two billion euros are available for the electric mobility support program. Of this 700 million euros will be invested in hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The economy is also providing the same amount. From Economic Stimulus Package II an additional 500 million euros will be invested in applied research and the development of electric mobility. 115 million euros of this will go to the various model regions alone. Industry will also be making a contribution here too. This will be the big practical test for the introduction of electric mobility in Germany. It is also planned to hand out a state bonus paid when purchasing an electric car.


9. What about the EV complementary systems in Germany, i.e, the built of charging station? Can it suffice the current use of electric vehicles in Germany?

The big energy providers (RWE, , Vattenfall and EnBW) in particular, which are all exhibitors at eCarTec, are expanding the charging infrastructure throughout the whole of Germany. Charging stations are already available extensively in all model regions.

特别是几家大型的能源供应商((RWE, , Vattenfall 和 EnBW),作为eCarTec的参展商,他们目前正在德国全境建造电动车的充电站。所有模型实验区的充电站都已经可以使用。

10. How is the relative EV industry in Germany, i.e. batteries, motors, control parts, etc?

It was only in recent years that many suppliers realised the huge importance and enormous potential of electric mobility for their strategic business alignment. There is no way of avoiding electric mobility any more, so many suppliers needed to have a quick rethink. Now there are many supplier companies working at full speed on innovative technologies. Battery technology in particular is the key to major success for electric mobility.


11. What are the latest activities in electric vehicles from the world famous auto manufactures, I.e, VW, BMW, Daimler, etc?

All major German automobile manufacturers are working at full speed on electric cars and their technologies. Whether Daimler, BMW, Audi or Volkswagen all have launched electric cars on the market or will be doing. We are very confident of welcoming all large German and also all European manufacturers to eCarTec 2011 as exhibitors.


12. How do you remark the development of the auto industry and new energy auto industry in China? What do you think Chinas advantage and disadvantage comparing to the world leading countries? How should China improve?

China is currently the world leader in electric mobility and the accompanying technologies. In battery technology in particular China is a pioneer worldwide. One big advantage for electric mobility in China is definitely the huge potential of the Chinese domestic market. A challenge for Chinese companies could be to improve the standard of quality of their products even more.


13. How do you think the current development and the future for the new energy auto in the world? Among Pure electrical Vehicle, Hybrid, or Fuel Batteries autos, which will prevail in the future new energy motors?

Electric cars and cars with fuel cell propulsion will make the breakthrough. Hybrid vehicles are an ineffective attempt to keep the combustion engine artificially alive.